The Ingrafted Branches

Location is Darwen Lancashire UK

Breaking the Dividing Wall. A deeper appreciation of the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith

The Natural Branches

Olive Tree

Jesus our Saviour loves what the Father loves and hates what the Father hates, and as His children we should do likewise. Much of the church has developed the arrogance that Paul talks about when it comes to the Jewish people and the land given to them for ever, yes even today and for ever.

The olive tree is the most powerful image used by the Apostle Paul to convey the spiritual truth that gentile believers in Jesus are connected to the natural and historic roots, namely the Jewish people and her covenants. Paul refers to the natural olive tree with its natural branches and the wild olive branches, (commonly called "the church"), being grafted in, ultimately forming a completed gathering of people, Jewish believers and Gentile believers together.

The purpose of this web site is to expose supersessionism (replacement theology) and show how it pervades the church, and spoils its relationship to God and damages the Jewish people and their land given to them by God unconditionally for ever .